You want to do the things, but you don’t want to do all the things…

and that’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m your online business secret weapon. I specialize in helping ADHD entrepreneurs set up systems and tech to make their business run as smoothly as possible. From your website to your SOPs, I can help get your business organized to work with your brain. Let’s get rid of the notes scribbled on random scraps of paper, the three different task management systems, and the “Wait, how did I do this again?”

So, who the heck am I?

I spent four years working as a jack-of-all-trades VA before realizing I wanted to focus on getting ADHD entrepreneurs (like myself!) out of the “I have an idea” stage and into the “I’m getting stuff done” stage. This gave me a background in all sorts of platforms and software, which I’ve been able to use to help my clients.

In 2023, I went through a course called Digital Business Manager Bootcamp to further hone my skills, and I’m currently looking towards being a certified ClickUp expert user and eventually Dubsado certified. Honestly, I want to add as many tech certifications as I can!

I also have WordPress design experience and am constantly trying to improve my copywriting skills. Typical multipassionate ADHD entrepreneur, here!

Why should you work with me?

You’re a genius. I can confidently say that because you have a dream to do something that betters the world in some way, and I know that because you’re here.

But no one can be a genius at everything, and if you’re distracted trying to figure out how to set up an opt-in, how to scale your business, what product do you need to launch next, you’re not doing the vital thing of actually working on your business. You’re not in your zone of genius, because you’re focusing on stuff that, while important, you’re just not great at, or you simply don’t want to do, and the distraction is preventing you from doing the stuff you want to do.

I’m going to treat your business as my own. I’m going to look at your target audience, consider their needs, and help you figure out a product ecosystem that ties everything together. I’m going to give you tutorials so you’re confident in the tasks you need to get done. I’m going to make sure your branding is cohesive. I’m going to help you figure out what you need to work at your most effective. I’m part ADHD coach, part business coach, and I’m going to look at your business with hawk eyes – able to see the entire thing, but also looking for the tiny details.

My goal is to work with you, not for you

Services I provide

Need someone to help take the load off? From project management to people management, I’m ready to help make your business feel lighter and let you work in your zone of genius.

With four years of experience as a virtual assistant, I’ve done a wide variety of jobs, and can help implement ideas or train others on how to implement.

Wanting to upgrade my skills, I took the course DBM Bootcamp, so I could improve my knowledge to help you with your business. In fact, I’m always working to improve my knowledge in every aspect of online business – feel free to ask me what’s the current course I’m working on, because there’s always one! When I work with you, I am invested in your success.

Pricing for my OBM services will vary depending on the level of what you need. Get in contact and we’ll look at how I can best help your business.

I create WordPress-based websites with the intention of making them visually beautiful and easy to navigate, and while I’m happy to do continuing maintenance, my goal is always to empower you to feel confident in using it on your own. I will make tutorials for any aspect of the site you might need help with, and I’ll make sure you have cohesive branding on the way too. User experience is incredibly important, so I’m going to pay attention to what your audience will be looking for, along with the SEO keywords that will help Google notice your site.

Pricing starts at $200, depending on what you need. If you’ll give me an idea of the project scope, I can give you a custom estimate.

Have you met ClickUp? Holy cow, do I love it. This project management tool will handle your whole life in one app. I’ve used it to become my “second brain” where I can keep everything related to my business.

I’ll be offering ClickUp setup services soon, along with templates and an introductory course – watch this space!

I started my business doing website audits for bloggers, and I got pretty good at it, honestly. I’ve expanded and refined this service now, and I’m offering it as individual consultations.

What does this consist of? I’ll look over your site and make some notes, then we’ll spend 45 minutes on a Zoom call where we look over your site together and find ways to improve it. You’ll get an emailed copy of the notes, and usually I’ll come up with several options for things like lead magnets or products, ways to improve visitor flow, and easy improvements you can make (plus I’ll tell you how to implement them). You’ll also have two weeks to email me questions and follow up.

Consultations are $50 and must be scheduled two weeks in advance.

What People Say

Working with Kate was like having a personal guide to navigate the technical and creative side of building my website. She knows how to do all of the “things” … and more. She is the perfect mix of inspiration and vision. I was stuck and frustrated trying to do it myself, but Kate was able to bring my vision to life in a beautiful way. She is simply amazing.
Nancy Bouwens

My Business Code of Ethics

I’ve always had a strong sense of fairness. I’ve seen a lot of shady stuff on the internet, and I have no desire to be part of that. I will not participate in businesses that are using deceptive marketing practices on their audiences. I do not work with people who are recruiting for multilevel marketing. I don’t work with people who are buying followers or likes. I reserve the right to turn down a client for any reason.

If you’re interested in learning more about ethics and online marketing, I highly recommend the podcast “Duped” – it’s a great place to start with being an ethical online marketer.

Wait, you’re still here?

Oh. Okay, this is getting slightly awkward. I’m starting to run out of things to talk about. I write a lot of copy, but it’s definitely weird to write about yourself.

So…I guess I’ll tell you some more about myself? I hail from Springfield, Missouri, where I’m raising my two daughters. Everyone in my family has ADHD, so that can make life fun sometimes. I drink tea and know things. I’m both a geek and a nerd – I can talk about science-fiction TV shows or history (I’m particularly good at Tudor history). I never envisioned doing all this (gestures vaguely) – I majored in animal science and agribusiness in college (I wanted to get involved in racehorse breeding). Then I realized I didn’t really want to move to Kentucky, so I went into law enforcement instead (yeah, I’m not sure what happened there either…).

After five and a half years working as a deputy in the local jail (yes, I have stories), I quit when my oldest daughter was born, and decided to use my long-standing interest in blogging to make some money (my first blog was back in 2005, on Xanga). Now, I work online doing this stuff, and I’ve got my own blog (Mama’s Working On It, about self-improvement for moms with ADHD) and another in the works (Mama’s Working Online, teaching moms how to find supplemental work online without selling feet pictures or MLMs).

You’re welcome to check me out over on Instagram (its.kate.martin), where I share bits and pieces of my daily life, with two small children, four dogs, and working online, without losing my mind more than twice a week.