Most sites would call these “categories.” Me? I call them promises. Because these are the things I’m promising to help you with.

Promises are serious, and I respect the commitment they represent. I will give you only the best content I can produce, in order to help you have the happiest motherhood possible. I provide it in the following ways.

Enjoy Your Home

I think in order to be the happiest you can, you need a place where you can flourish. We spend so much time in our homes, and it needs to be the place where we are most comfortable and most at peace. Enjoy Your Home covers topics such as decluttering and organizing, because a clean and tidy home starts with less stuff and wisely using the spaces at your disposal. Of course, cleaning is a huge portion of keeping your home comfortable, as well. I also believe choosing to live a simple lifestyle and enjoying the small pleasures in life is a vital component as well.

Live Abundantly

Living with abundance can feel difficult when you’re on a single income. While I firmly believe there is so much more to life than material things, I recognize that part of the biggest role of a mom – especially when being a stay-at-home mom – is handling the family budget. I also recognize that sometimes, as much as you try to stretch the paycheck, it just doesn’t stretch far enough – which is why I include options about how to work from home.

Appreciate Yourself

Learning how to appreciate yourself comes easily for some, is difficult for others, and tends to vary as we go through life. Whether it’s your body, in whatever shape or size it’s in, the clothing you wear and how it affects your confidence, or even how you style your hair (because postpartum hair loss, right?!), learning how to appreciate the wonderful body you’re in is one of the best gifts you can give your children.

Love Your Life

At the core of your identity is the ability to love your life. Having a healthy mentality is the underpinning of everything else. Since it can be a struggle to feel like you’re getting everything done, I thought including information about productivity and time management was important (they’re both in the same category). And for those (like me) who are constantly working to be better on a personal level every day, there is self-improvement.

Be A Better Parent

I think for most parents, the goal every day is to be a little better than the day before. The best way you can do that is by being a better human being, and a better version of yourself. Everything on this site is meant to support that idea – which is why “Be A Better Parent” is the last category. This isn’t the least important promise – but it’s one that depends on everything else to support it. The promises here apply through pregnancy, children of all ages, and just general parenting. These may be broader topics, such as postpartum concerns or activities to do with your children.

Everything on this site is written with one goal in mind – to get you a little further along the path to being the mother you want to be.